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    When you are looking to buy, sell, or trade luxury timepieces, handbags, or jewelry, then there is only one place to call: ECJ Luxe. For buyers and sellers around the world, we offer a simple platform that allows you to perform transactions of some of the most sought after second hand watches and other articles in the world.

    We are completely dedicated to our customers and work diligently to become your primary luxury marketplace. You won’t need to look anywhere else when it comes time to find the perfect piece.

    How Our Program Works

    Our buy-sell-trade program is both comprehensive and convenient for you. First, you will specify whether you want to buy, sell, or trade your luxury items such as a used Rolex watch or a pre-owned Hermes handbag, through our program. Once we know your goal, ECJ Luxe will need to get some information from you. You can choose to get started by filling out our form below.

    Once your information is in the right hands, we will get in touch with you and begin working through the transaction with you to either buy, trade or sell watches or other items. Planning, pricing, budget, and more all come into play during this time. Depending on what you’d like to do, our program is as follows:

    Selling Process

    If you want to sell your high end handbag, timepiece or jewelry for cash, then our process begins with an evaluation. Our professionals will need to look at your timepiece in person to give a proper estimate.

    Due to this necessity, you can bring the watch to any of our on-site locations so that we may verify the authenticity with a watch appraisal. The market for older, high-quality watches is vast and ever-changing. The price of a watch one year could drastically change the next. As such, we base our estimates on current market value and how long we believe it will take to sell the watch at a fair, profitable price for all involved. The most important component of any sale is finding the right buyer at the right time.

    ECJ Luxe offers you maximum visibility and a worldwide marketplace. This ensures you receive fair, yet top-dollar pricing when you sell watches. With buyers from around the world, we are confident your watch will be sold before you know it.

    Trading Process

    Some individuals are not looking to buy or sell their items. You may be interested in upgrading your item for something new. For this reason, we offer a trade-in program for any of our clients.

    It is important to note that this process can be quite in-depth, as luxury timepieces are different than other types of valuables. With values reaching into five or even six figures, we understand that trading these items are both an art and a science.

    The trade-in process begins with a consultation. We start by offering an expert valuation of the item(s) you would like to trade in, the same way that when you sell watches. Estimates for trading and selling can be varied. For this reason, it is vital to specify what you would like to do before we get too far into the process.

    Once trade-in value is agreed upon, individuals can move on to trading. Trading becomes relatively straightforward after this point. You understand the value of credit you have accumulated by trading in a beautiful watch, and you can peruse our extensive selection in-store or online. Then you can make a choice and find a perfect timepiece for your needs.

    Buying Process

    While selling and trading can become in-depth, buying is pretty straightforward. You come into one of our locations or visit our online store. You see a unique, vintage timepiece that you just have to have.

    The purchasing process includes getting in touch with one of our professional representatives. The transaction can be conducted in some ways. This will be determined by your needs, budget, and situation. We work to accommodate all buyers and their needs.

    The Value of Vintage Timepieces

    ECJ Luxe operates all around the world. No matter where you are located, ECJ Luxe is ready and willing to help you out. Whether you want to buy, trade, or sell watches and other items, our staff looks forward to serving your every need.

    For those who are outside of the United States, please contact us through our simple online form. You will be able to handle many aspects of any transaction online and browse through some of our selections.

    Vintage watches provide a unique market for luxury fanatics, and not just in the Miami area. Due to the scarcity and value of these rare finds, collectors and enthusiasts will go to great lengths to get their hands on the perfect watch.

    Get Your Quote Today

    If you are ready to buy, trade, or sell your luxury timepiece, handbag or jewelry, then get in touch with ECJ Luxe today. Our staff looks forward to helping you with whatever you require. With a wide selection and surefire expertise, we can accommodate.