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ECJ LUXE - South Florida Jewelry

ECJ LUXE has been a purveyor of high-end luxury jewelry goods since 1986. Originally founded by father and son team Michael and Bobby Yampolsky, ECJ Luxe has quickly become the most popular spot for both residents and visitors across South Florida to fulfill their needs for watch and jewelry. Over these 25 years, our team has remained committed to providing only the most unique and exquisite products to our international customer base. Building on this strong foundation, we have expanded to include the ECJ Luxe line, an ultra-luxury jewelry store and watch gallery. This gallery contains the best South Florida jewelry has to offer, including an assortment of men’s bracelets.

ECJ Catalogue

The ECJ Luxe catalog includes apparel, watches, jewelry, bracelets, giftware, art, engagement rings, and a rare car display. It is our stated mission to carry only the finest quality products available, and this has garnered a reputation for excellence in product care and customer service.


ECJ Luxe carries the most sought after brands for men and women. Of particular interest is our collection of 2017 Signature Suede snapback hats, which come in a variety of colors.


ECJ’s range of timepieces is one of the main reasons for our continued success. Our customers know that we will always have a unique curated selection of exceptional luxury watches for sale that reflect the cosmopolitan, laid back lifestyle of South Florida. Our collection of the best watch brands includes Audemars Piguet, Bovet, Hublot, Cabestan, Ulysse Nardin, and more. We also carry a selection of vintage timepieces that reflect the beauty and quality of a bygone era. This collection includes world-famous brands such as Zenith & Roger Dubois.

We make it an obligation for our sales associates to be as educated as possible about the timepiece industry. This includes regular formal training sessions with experts and frequent trips to Switzerland for factory visits and discussions with producers. This ensures we stay on top of all the current trends and innovations in the industry and provide the most informed customer service possible.


ECJ Luxe has also made its name in curating an excellent selection of jewelry in Miami. This is especially true of men’s jewelry, and in particular, men’s bracelets. Our signature piece is the StingHD bracelet. The StingHD is made up of two stingray leather cords that are accentuated by a handcrafted embellishment honed from silver. This elegant bracelet is ideal for the sailing aficionado or any man interested in rare types of leather. You will not find these men’s bracelets at any other Miami jewelry store.


ECJ Luxe carries a range of giftware items that make ideal presents for any occasion. Our giftware includes Kiade Model Boats for those interested in marine activities, a selection of crystal, and a broad assortment of Montegrappa and Visconti pens. At ECJ Luxe, we know that our customers have a diverse amount of needs. We take pride in being able to offer rare goods as luxury gifts, whether it is for a special occasion or just out of love.


ECJ Luxe has made successful inroads into the world of art collection and dealing. Related to our globally recognized timepiece expertise and as one of the most renowned jewelry stores in South Florida, we have collected a number of prints and sketches of watches done by the artist Marcus B. Williams. Every piece is exceptionally rare and done with exacting precision. One of our most popular pieces is an original Ulysse Nardin Skeleton Tourbillon sketch by Marcus B. Williams, which would make an excellent addition to any lounge or dining room. While the sketches are all in black and white, we also carry dynamic prints that reveal the complexity of the internal organs of a clock. Our collection of art caters to those that share our deep passion and curiosity for timepieces.

Lifestyle Services

To round out our vast selection of services, ECJ Luxe partners with Fort Lauderdale Collection to sell exotic cars in our store on a regular basis. We like to surprise our customers by showing them some of the best cars in the world, extending our stated mission to provide the best in luxury goods to our valued customers. Keep a look out for our events in store, where exotic car owners can come check out what Fort Lauderdale Collection has to offer.

The ECJ Advantage

ECJ Luxe is a family-owned business that understands the value of customer service and product excellence. Since our inception, we have had the privilege to share our passion for watches, men’s jewelry, and luxury goods with the world, and we look forward to solidifying our reputation as a premier supplier of high-end goods. With locations in Miami, Boca Raton, and Charlotte, NC, our galleries are accessible and full of informed sales representatives ready to help you find what you are looking for.