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Hublot – ECJ LUXE

The first Hublot watch was created in 1980, and since then has become a luxurious brand that is worn all over the world. Crafted by an Italian watchmaker, Carlo Crocco, Hublot luxury watches have become extraordinary statement pieces. The attractive appearance has been carefully created with a timeless design that can transcend fashion and remain elegant for years to come among watch brands.

While the watch brand Hublot is very popular, there are only about 50 Hublot boutiques situated around the world, making it a very distinguishable watch. This also means that Hublot is not commonly found. The Hublot is one of the first wrist watches to incorporate both rich and durable materials, and this is due to the brand’s desire to create a watch that is both stylish and adaptable.

ECJ Luxe is proud to be an official authorized reseller of Hublot watches for all of these reasons and more. Our professionals provide clients with no ordinary watches, and Hublot timepieces are no exception. Their sleek design exudes confidence and style for the wearer.

Big Bang Collection

Launched in 2005, the Big Bang collection has quickly become a very popular timepiece option in a world of watches. Embodied by the art of fusion, the Big Bang collection has incorporated an array of unexpected materials and created a masterpiece. These Hublot luxury watches are made out of ceramic, carbon, titanium tungsten, gold, and diamonds. This collection also has the Hublot’s signature “porthole” look.

Spirit of Big Bang Collection

The Spirit of Big Bang collection uses some of the same materials used in the Big Bang collection. However, it is finished by satin titanium and has a more modern and updated look to its face.

Classic Fusion Collection

Moving down the line, the Hublot Classic Fusion collection was fashioned in retrospect to the Big Bang collection. Classic Fusion has kept its design as a focal point while choosing to persuade a more classic aesthetic. This particular collection fuses high-quality materials such as diamonds, platinum, ceramic, titanium, and gold together in order to create a classy appearance.

King Power Collection

The King Power collection stays true to its name and presents its wearer with both a bold and royal look. In fact, there are several layers in this intricate design. Gold, ceramic, platinum, and diamonds are the contemporary materials used to achieve this alluring, lively look.

MP Collection

First introduced in 2011, the MP Hublot collection has quickly grown on watch lovers all over the world. Its ingenuity is completely different than previous models of this watch brand. However, ECJ Luxe finds that it is just as successful.

Why Wear Hublot

One of the main reasons why Hublot watches have become so popular and prestigious is their immaculate design. Since it is made with an assortment of materials, Hublot branded watches for men and women, is truly one of a kind and can be worn on a daily basis. This is one of the reasons why this brand has become a much-loved icon in the industry.

Hublot’s headquarters are in Switzerland. Their watchmakers spend hours crafting these beautiful watches and assembling them. Before being put out on the market, they are tested for quality and performance. This type of dedication and craftsmanship is what makes a Hublot watch so special.

When to Wear a Hublot Watch

Since the Hublot was created in 1980, many important figures have chosen to wear them around their wrists. In fact, famous celebrities and athletes have also been wearing Hublot watches for decades and are still choosing them to this day. The Hublot has become such a renowned and sought after brand throughout the years, and when wearing one, it isn’t surprising to see why. The Hublot might look amazing and give off an accomplished look, but it is the way it feels that makes it extraordinary.

Due to Hublot watches simple yet attractive design, they can be worn during different occasions and events and still manage to look divine. From casual to formal, there are no opportunities in which the Hublot cannot be worn, which is why it is the ideal watch to own. Consider taking it to your next formal work event or client meeting to give an air of professionalism that simply can’t be matched.

More than that, the Hublot brand is something that speaks for itself and dominates the realm of timepieces, making it easily recognizable through its good reputation. For all of these reasons and more, ECJ Luxe is incredibly proud to provide this brand to our local clients. ECJ Luxe is a premiere luxury jewelry and watch gallery, selling high end watches, jewelry, and apparel since 1986.

For more information on how you can obtain your own Hublot watch, contact one of our experts at ECJ Luxe. Our professionals are available online and in store to answer all of your questions and get you started on the process.