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Model Boat Runabouts Zipper 90CM

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Model Boat Runabouts Zipper 90CM

*Non-binding recommended public price in the USA (taxes excluded).

Ref. R ZIPP 90


This exceptional model of ZIPPER with a length of 90 cm, was made in the scale 1:16. Replica of the legendary boat, this model is made entirely by hand from noble material: Mahogany wood for marine upholstery and genuine. All fitytings parts are in chrome brass made ​​by jewelers. 10 layers of varnish are applied to achieve excellent gloss of varnish.
The model comes in secure packaging.
Numbered certificate of authenticity and warranty of 1 year.

Additional information

Weight 18.7393 lbs
Dimensions 40.1575 × 12.9921 × 12.2047 in