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Model Boat Runabouts Dixie II 93CM

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Model Boat Runabouts Dixie II 93CM

*Non-binding recommended public price in the USA (taxes excluded).

DIXIE II is a « Displacement hull » racer designed by Clinton Crane, whose talents embraced sailing yachts as well as motor boats.This new boat was designed specifically to defend the Harmsworth trophy ,wich the first Dixie had won in 1907. DIXIE II was built in 1908 at city Island by the highly regarded wood boatyard. Her hull was tested in a hull tank and her engine was designed by Clinton Crane’s brother Henry, who was a car Manufacturer. This was a 45 degree V8 unit which developed 200 bhp each at 900 rpm and was designed specially for the boat. During her first trials on july 27,1908, DIXIE II Achieved a speed of 35 mph, and on august 3 easily won the harmsworth trophy with an average speed of 32 mph. Her British adversary the Wolseley Siddeley, had two engines of 200 bhp each, while the Daimler II boasted 3 engines with a total of 525 bhp. At the end of the same August DIXIE II outclassed 6 competitors to win the Gold Cup on the Saint Lawrence River, where her average speed was calculated at 30 Mph over three heats of thirty miles each. DIXIE II also won the next 2 Gold cup events in 1909 and 1910. 1909 marks the end of experiments with displacement hulls for racing boat. DIXIE II can be considered the most beautiful example of this type of boat design in America. At low speed, these hulls are most efficient than hydroplanes with stepped hull and concave vee shapes without a step. One of the great faults of displacement hulls like that of DIXIE II is that the loss of stability at speed limits their ability to increase that speed and skim across the water. Clinton Hoadley Crane was at the end of the 19th century, a naval architect American amateur, who even drew for him and his friends of the sailing boats then with engine. Bachelor of Harvard School Engineering in 1894, it leaves to study at the university of Glasgow of 1897 to 1898. It is there that it meets the French architect Augustin Normand, who initiates it with the motor boats. At the beginning of the 20th century, of 1900 to 1912, it is established finally as naval architect, and during 12 years builds boats very appreciated on the East coast of the United States. It draws motor boats and sailing boats, small and large, and works out not only International Rule, but also Universal Rule. It launches Endymion in 1900, which establishes a record of the crossing of the Atlantic in 13 days and 8 hours, record which will be beaten by the goélette Atlantic de Charlie Barr. On August 5, 1908, it establishes a record of the world absolute velocity to engine, by reaching the 36,6 miles per hour with its motorboat Dixie II in Bayonne, New York.


This model of DIXIE II with a length of 93 cm, was made in the scale 1:13. Replica of the legendary boat, this model is made entirely by hand from noble material: Mahogany wood for marine upholstery and genuine. All fitytings parts are in chrome brass made ​​by jewelers. 10 layers of varnish are applied to achieve excellent gloss of varnish.

The model comes in secure packaging.
Numbered certificate of authenticity and warranty of 1 year.