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Model Boat Baby Bootlegger 85CM

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Model Boat Baby Bootlegger 85CM

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In February, 1924, George Crouch started on the design of Baby Bootlegger for Caleb Bragg, automobile champion and pilot of seaplane. Caleb Bragg has once already participated in Gold Cup and as member of very high-end Columbia Yacht club, he trains the wish to reconquer the lost trophy which since 1915 was heldby the yachtmens of the American East coast for the benefit of the industrialists of Detroit. It was built by Nevins boatyard of City Island in New York. From the moment it was first seen, the appearance of this boat caused a sensation, exciting both surprise and admiration for its original style and exceptional shape. It was equipped with a Hispano – Wright V8 whose marinisation is very promising. In 1924 the Wright firm, is closely interested in the link between the plane and the motorboat racing. It is not surprising that the shape of Baby Bootlegger and its behavior in navigation place him on a subtle border between the air and the water getting closer to a ballcock of seaplane. The very well-kept construction is in double planked mahogany of Honduras, the assembly is realized by means of thousand countersunk screws. In 1924, Gold Cup which takes place in 3 rounds, sees getting loose 3 clearly largely above the average competitors, Rainbow IV, Baby Bootlegger and Miss Columbia all 3 drawn by Georges Crouch. These 3 boats finish in the order above but a competitor not concerned by his first 3 places concerns a complaint against the winner , Rainbow IV, the illegality of his hull. Finally Rainbow IV is disqualified for the benefit of Baby Bootlegger. Unhappy with this victory by default, Caleb Bragg won a new victory on the Manhasset Bay in 1925 in front of Miss Columbia. The best speed registered by Baby Bootlegger is 73.5 kph. In 1927 Baby Bootlegger stopped the competitions and was sold to the family Timberlake who will preserve him until 1947 and will leave him almost abandoned. It will be then restored by Mr Mason.

Ref. R BABY 82


This model of  BABYBOOTLEGGER with a length of 85 cm, was made in the scale 1:10. Replica of the legendary boat, this model is made entirely by hand from noble material: Mahogany wood for marine upholstery and genuine. All fittings parts are in chrome brass made ​​by jewelers. 10 layers of varnish are applied to achieve excellent gloss of varnish.

The model comes in secure packaging.

Numbered certificate of authenticity and warranty of 1 year.

Additional information

Weight 13.8891 lbs
Dimensions 36.2205 × 11.0236 × 12.5984 in