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ECJ LUXE – Aviation

ECJ Luxe Aviation is the new way to fly privately in experienced hands. Our mission is to provide travelers with the safest and most convenient private jet services.

Experience the difference for yourself. Whether you plan to fly with friends and family, or you’re traveling for business, ECJ Luxe has access to an exclusive network of aircraft worldwide. We are certified by international quality, safety, and environmental standards, and our aircrafts are vigorously checked to ensure the highest level of security while flying.

Vacationers and corporate teams alike can enjoy full transparency by checking out our pilots’ credentials and pre-flight checkup reports. If you have never flown on a private jet charter, ECJ Luxe Aviation promises to provide you with the best experience, ensuring you will never want to fly commercial again.

Flying with peace of mind is the real reason many individuals prefer private jet services over others. Our highly credited staff ensures that our valued passengers feel as if they are at home in the comfort of their own living room. More than that, ECJ Luxe Aviation requires no long term commitment from you. ECJ Luxe Aviation is pleased to provide you with an array of comprehensive services which go beyond your point of arrival and departure:

  • Only four hours of notice required – we work around your schedule.
  • Spend less time on the ground – no more dealing with TSA or long check-in lines.
  • Conduct private business while on the jets without any interruption from other passengers.
  • Touchdown ultra-fast in a hassle-free, interruption free flight.
  • Expect royal customer service in a luxury environment – we can accommodate any flight need.

Our Experienced Pilots

ECJ LUXE Aviation prides ourselves in our experienced and specialized pilots. The flight teams are strategically chosen and placed on specific private jet charter types, which drastically improves the flight team’s knowledge of that particular jet. All pilots chosen by ECJ Luxe Aviation are held up to our rigorous standards to ensure they are far ahead of the industry.

The pilots of ECJ Luxe Aviation are highly skilled and qualified. All pilots hired by us:

– Have flown full hours required by the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority)

– Are licensed to fly privately

– Have cleared medical tests before the flight

– Are dedicated to making your in-flight experience flawless

Company Safety

ECJ Luxe Aviation has the best options available in terms of private jet services so that no detail is overlooked. ECJ Luxe Aviation aircrafts and services are approved by Wyvern and Argus and registered with a global network.

 The Aviation Research Group/US (Argus) audits traditionally include the approval of a pilot’s flight hours, flight history, pilot training and medical records. It also requires a certain frequency of aircraft inspections. And as the first aircraft safety auditing agency, Wyvern standards stress the importance of the standards of the FAA. Like Argus, Wyvern also takes into consideration background checks and flight history of pilots. ECJ Luxe Aviation is happy to uphold the standards of both of these organizations.

ECJ Luxe Aviation upholds some of the most extensive measures and technologies available today. When it comes to passenger and flight team safety, we do not stop there. Each jet in the ECJ Luxe Aviation is worked on by the jet manufacturer’s mechanic. There is no one more qualified to work on our jets than the company who built them.

ECJ Luxe Aviation makes private jet flying a brand new experience for you. With us, you never have to take stressful or inconvenient flights. These charters are perfect for private individuals, Fortune 500 companies, government officials, sports teams, and more. With our exquisite private jet services, you will never want to fly commercial again.


It is no secret that our family-owned business is synonymous with elite experiences and accessories. Join us at our South Florida locations in Sunny Isles Beach and Boca Raton to view our sought-after timepieces, fine jewelry, exquisite art, and exotic cars. Allow our professionals to show you the extent of our collections.

ECJ Luxe is an authorized dealer of the following celebrated brands: Audemars Piguet, Ulysse Nardin, Hublot, Uneek, Lalique Crystal, Daum Crystal, Montegrappa, Visconti, and more. For more information about ECJ and how we can provide you with an unforgettable experience, ECJ Luxe Aviation is always available for any inquiries. Feel free to contact us during office hours in South Florida to get all of your requested information. Our help and support team is always available to provide an answer to any questions you may have about our private jet services.

ECJ Luxe Aviation is the new standard for private aviation. Charter a customized flight with ECJ Luxe Aviation for your group today – satisfaction is guaranteed.