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ECJ Luxe Rings

Rings are a symbol used by many different cultures around the world to represent an eternal promise. Circles are never ending, and rings are often used to represent a bond that has been made between two people. Here, rings are given to indicate an engagement and marriage to identify people who have made a lifelong commitment to someone.

Picking out the right engagement ring means choosing a ring that is just the right style for your soon-to-be fiancé. The best ring is one that they will be proud to wear for the rest of their life. It must have the perfect blend of quality and uniqueness to stand out from the other engagement rings on the market.


ECJ Luxe has what you need when it comes to ultra-luxury jewelry and stunning engagement rings. ECJ Luxe has been in business since 1986, selling a variety of items from rare automobiles to collector’s items, giftware to custom timepieces. ECJ Luxe offers the complete package if you are looking to add to your luxury lifestyle. If you find yourself looking for the most coveted items and accessories in the world, ECJ Luxe has what you are looking for. Our engagement rings are sure to meet and exceed your expectations for your special someone.

When it comes to engagement rings, ECJ Luxe provides a variety of custom diamond cuts in addition to more traditional ring styles. Choose from different ring bands, styles of diamonds, and sleek settings to create the perfect ring. ECJ Luxe is proud to carry the brand Uneek, ensuring the quality of product you need to make the right ring choice for your upcoming engagement.

Uneek brand

ECJ Luxe presents Uneek, a line of high-end rings and jewelry that allow the wearer to customize their ring to look exactly how they want it. Stylish and graceful, a piece from the Uneek collection will serve as a conversation starter as well as the perfect tie-in for any outfit.

More than anything else, you don’t want a ring that looks or feels generic in any way. ECJ Luxe is here to make sure your ring is of the best quality and has the most thrilling design. Uneek offers rings in ECJ Luxe’s three collections that are sure to catch your eye.

ECJ Luxe has three stone rings, halo engagement rings, and solitaire rings to choose from. These three collections contain classic styles as well as more modern, contemporary ring styles that are true attention-grabbers.

The Uneek line of three stone rings doesn’t sacrifice quality or carat. Each of the three main stones were chosen to stand out and emphasize the beauty of the rest of the ring. A ring in the three stone collection allows you to have 14k or 18k white gold or platinum for the band, along with 15 different designs combining a variety of settings, diamond cuts, placements of the three stones, and band design.

Uneek’s halo engagement rings feature smaller, delicate diamonds highlighting the center stone. All of Uneek’s rings contain diamonds of different carats, all of which have been chosen for their individual character and quality. The halo engagement rings come in 14k and 18k white gold and platinum ring bands. There are 12 different styles of ring to choose from in the halo collection.

ECJ Luxe also maintains their Uneek solitaire rings. Solitaire rings are popular for the attention that is drawn to one primary stone. These rings are often seen as a classic type of engagement ring and wedding ring. The wedding bands are made out of 14k white gold, and there are 16 custom designs available in the solitaire collection.

Each product line has a variety of carats that can be used in the ring. The combinations of stones and metals used to create each ring emphasize not only the symbolism of the ring, but strives to be a comfortable and luxurious part of the rest of your life. ECJ Luxe is proud to have the Uneek collection of diamond engagement rings to those who are getting engaged and married.

Unique Designs

There are not many vintage silver bracelets that are popular. Most bracelets offer a new and exciting addition to your wrist.  Many of our clients like bracelets that offer a contrast and a little edge to the traditional look of timepieces.

This high-low effect of pairing a bracelet and vintage timepiece on your arm can be lavish and is certainly “in” right now. The unique, upscale designs of PythonHD offer detail-oriented designs with skull pendants, python leather cords, snakehead styling, bull pendants, arrows, and much more.

Many of the bracelets from PythonHD are designed with two facets in mind: luxurious styling and sharp accents that border on edgy. Wearers of these fine leather bracelets often are looking to make a statement.

Making your big day special

ECJ Luxe’s selection of luxury jewelry, including rings, are perfect for your special day. If you are looking for iconic accessories for yourself, your future spouse, or those participating in your wedding day, ECJ Luxe has what you need to let others know how much you appreciate them in your life.

To view our full collection of bridal gifts, diamond engagement rings, and wedding rings, shop online or visit us in our South Florida stores today. We are located in Sunny Isles Beach and Boca Raton, Florida, in addition to a location in Charlotte, North Carolina. ECJ Luxe is happy to be your go-to luxury retailer for any high-end accessory you may need.