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Bracelets – ECJ LUXE

While luxury watches have been in style for nearly a decade, silver bracelets are a new fashion trend – especially for fashion forward individuals. Starting in the late 90s to early 2000s, famous and wealthy men and women began wearing stunning bracelets more and more.

Often, you’d find a vintage timepiece together with a lavish bracelet to ensure added style points. This trend continued throughout the years and is still exceptionally attractive. Many enjoy the combination of these two pieces of jewelry and the contrast it provides.

Leather bracelets and a watch on your wrist offer a unique mix of old and new – classical and fresh. As such, our team of fashion experts at ECJ Luxe began searching for the perfect bracelets to pair with our watches. We are always ahead of the game and strive to keep your wrists looking luxurious.

PythonHD Bracelets

For a variety of reasons, we partnered with PythonHD. We truly believe they’re some of the best bracelets available. To keep our clients looking their best, we love to pair a vintage watch with one of these new-school leather bracelets for a look that’s nearly unbeatable.

Why PythonHD Bracelets?

We work with clients from all walks of life. From distinguished gentlemen looking to add a new wrist watch to their collection to young, upcoming stars looking to stay atop the game – our offerings are tailored to the needs of our varied clientele. As such, PythonHD offers unique jewelry that many of our clients appreciate.

Here are a few more reasons we love the bracelets from PythonHD:

Unique Designs

There are not many vintage silver bracelets that are popular. Most bracelets offer a new and exciting addition to your wrist.  Many of our clients like bracelets that offer a contrast and a little edge to the traditional look of timepieces.

This high-low effect of pairing a bracelet and vintage timepiece on your arm can be lavish and is certainly “in” right now. The unique, upscale designs of PythonHD offer detail-oriented designs with skull pendants, python leather cords, snakehead styling, bull pendants, arrows, and much more.

Many of the bracelets from PythonHD are designed with two facets in mind: luxurious styling and sharp accents that border on edgy. Wearers of these fine leather bracelets often are looking to make a statement.

High-Quality Materials

PythonHD does not cut corners when materials are of concern. The brand only utilizes the highest quality materials when creating these alluring designs. The goal is to offer the best python leather bracelets on the market.

With some designs costing tens of thousands of dollars, you can imagine the quality of materials used during creation. Only the finest diamonds, gold, leathers, pendants, and more are utilized.

PythonHD bracelets incorporate:

  • •  18K Rose Gold

  • •  18K Yellow Gold

  • •  DF-VS+ Quality Diamonds

  • •  Black Diamonds

  • •  Pure Silver Pendants

  • •  Python Leather Cords

  • •  Rubies

  • •  Sapphires


Every single PythonHD bracelet is handmade and crafted. You won’t be buying generic jewelry when you purchase one of these alluring pieces. Every single bracelet is unique and a piece of art. Each python leather bracelet has individualized coloring and shading to add character. Then the cords are based on your specific proportions to ensure the bracelet fits you perfectly.

Pendants also come handmade and feature creative designs. Many PythonHD bracelets are created in limited batches. Some models are limited to 25 or less and come with serial numbering to commemorate the rare, stylish piece.


While how a piece of jewelry is crafted and the materials used are important, it is hard to deny that the most important aspect of all: looks. Most buy this type of jewelry to look good and stay in style. Luckily, PythonHD understands the wide world of fashion.

All PythonHD silver bracelets are designed to offer edgy, yet classical styles to your wardrobe. These stunning pieces are created to be dressed up and down. You can rock your new PythonHD piece with a suit and a Rolex. You can also pair the bracelet with some sweatpants and Jordan’s for a relax, yet fashionably urban appeal. PythonHD blends perfectly into your look – no matter what look you’re striving to portray.

The Ideal Bracelet For You

At ECJ Luxe, we searched high and low to find the ideal bracelets for our customer base. With such a wide array of individuals, it took some time to find bracelets that fit our needs. We finally found them with PythonHD.

These unique, beautiful designs are not for everyone, but you’ll know if they’re for you. Ideal for a variety of looks and perfectly paired with a vintage timepiece, there’s a PythonHD bracelet that’s ideal for your look, style, and needs.

Get in touch to learn more about these special offerings. Our professional staff is ready and will to help you with all your luxury jewelry needs. Wrist wear is what we do best!