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Horological Art in Miami

Are you looking for powerful and unique art that makes a statement? ECJ Luxe is pleased to offer the work of Marcus B. Williams, an unrivaled creator of horological art. In keeping with our tradition of appreciation for fine watchmaking, these works perfectly showcase the inherent beauty and complex intricacies of the incredible timepieces available in our showrooms.

This offering is ideally suited for our discerning clientele, presenting a bold aesthetic and flawless technique. The stunning work of Marcus B. Williams exudes a sense of craftsmanship and luxury. This is exactly what you have come to expect from ECJ Luxe’s art galleries in Miami.

About the Artist: Marcus B. Williams

Marcus B. Williams is a self-described horophile, exploring the synthesis of technology and art. Now working mainly on a commission basis, his original work is proudly displayed across the world, from Hong Kong to the Netherlands and is an important addition to art in Miami.

The artist respects the engineering and creativity necessary to create a world-class timepiece, and his art reflects this. Each nuance is captured and transported to the canvas. The result is an impression of harmonious synchronicity and captures the mechanical beauty of a finely made watch.

It’s About Time

While his work is highly technical in appearance, Marcus B. Williams is exploring the concept of time. Each piece champions humankind’s effort to chart and monitor an untamable construct. Compelling and provocative, his work gives rise to timeless questions, leaving viewers with a changed perspective.

Sketches Create Drama in Any Space

The artist has mastered the use of pen and ink to create stark contrast and depth of detail in his sketches. His choice of materials creates drama, juxtaposing bold strokes against clean lines. With minimal color, one is left with the essence of the timepiece and nothing more.

This stunning technique gives rise to modern interpretations of classic masterpieces, transporting true elegance from one medium to another. He has showcased the precision and sophistication inherent in a statement timepiece while honoring the beautiful design of his subject matter.

Limited Editions Chosen Exclusively for You

Each print is a limited edition, signed and numbered by the artist. Even better, the pieces are authenticated with a wax thumbprint. These are not mass-produced pieces. These are unique works of art to be proudly displayed in the finest homes and offices around the world. They even make the perfect gift for the art collector in your life.

The selection of sketches we chose to present to our clientele is mainly comprised of detailed depictions of the timepieces we represent. However, we have included a few playful adaptations of the horological theme for those with a more whimsical style.

Colors That Pop

Marcus B. Williams also creates vibrant Pop Art while staying true to his horological roots and clean concept. Beginning with adaptations of his sketches, he has used resin to sharpen the lines and give his work more durability. Color choices are bold and vibrant, reminiscent of Warhol and Lichtenstein.

Playing the engineered components of a watch skeleton against a festive color palette, the artist has created something magnificent. Beautiful and fun, these pieces are must-haves for timepiece enthusiasts and art collectors alike.

The ECJ Luxe Collection

Since 1986 ECJ Luxe has been the premier, ultra-luxury jewelry and watch gallery in Miami and Boca Raton, Florida. We have operated with the knowledge that our clientele trusts us to secure only items of the highest quality and design. In arranging the sale of this collection, we can now offer art in Miami which fulfills this obligation to you. From simple sketches to fully stretched canvases, this collection has something for everyone. We have handpicked each item to ensure value to the serious buyer. Our collection ranges in size and pricing to accommodate any need, from a simple gift, to the centerpiece of a room.

Regardless of which piece you choose, you are sure to find something that stands out and signifies you as a person of taste. ECJ Luxe realizes that our clients appreciate true quality and elegance. Much like our timepieces and jewelry, this collection transcends style. These pieces are personal statements made to the world.

This is a Limited Offering

By offering only numbered and signed pieces, ECJ Luxe has a limited available inventory. Detailed descriptions of each piece are on our website for you to order. If you would prefer to see our collection up close, contact one of our representatives to arrange a viewing at one of our art galleries in the Miami area. In the neighborhood? Drop in and see these pieces in person.

ECJ Luxe is an authorized agent for many excellent brands, including Audemars Piguet, Hublot, and Ulysse-Nardin. ECJ Luxe hopes you take the opportunity to add such beautiful art to your collection today.