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Bag A Vie Pillow Handbag Shaper

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Bag-a-Vie is a simple and beautiful solution to your handbag storage needs. Designed by luxury handbag experts, Bag-a-Vie is unlike any other product.* Simply place Bag-a-Vie in your handbag and it will preserve its shape and help protect it against moisture.**

Bag-a-Vie will preserve your handbag’s shape and help prevent unsightly creasing, folding and cracking. Simply place the Bag-a-Vie shaper insert into your handbag and voila! Your bag is ready to store. We know how you feel about your bags which is why we understand they are an investment to be cared for. Protect your investments in style with Bag-a-Vie.

Available in 4 different sizes. Use one or mix and match different sizes to find your perfect custom fit.