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From the most exquisite watches available to unique fine art, ECJ Luxe has been the premier purveyor of ultra-luxury items since 1986. Our family-owned business only offers items that speak of style and elegance. These are products that set you apart as a person of substance and taste. Now, we are pleased to offer our discerning clientele yet another item worthy of our collection. Fountain luxury pens from two of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers, Visconti and Montegrappa.

There is nothing more graceful than the bold stroke of a fountain pen. For those who have everything, the final piece to the puzzle is a tasteful and high quality writing implement. Not only that, these pens count as works of art in their own right. Read on to find out what these pieces can mean for your personal collection.

About Visconti

Visconti has been producing the world’s finest luxury pens since 1988. In those almost thirty years, Visconti has redefined the approach taken to pen manufacturing by blending age old techniques with modern technology. The result is an eye-catching tool that is not only beautiful but functional. The fact that they outperform others has set Visconti apart from their competitors. When you try a Visconti, you will notice the difference immediately, including the smooth travel of the nib over the page. The Visconti brand has made certain that their product creates the perfect balance in your hand.

Visconti pens are made in beautiful Florence, Italy. Throughout history, Florence has been synonymous with artistic mastery and innovation. Legendary artists such as Michelangelo, Donatello, and Rafael all hail from this vibrant Italian city. Today, their descendants are the craftsman of Visconti, working to produce their own masterpieces.

Visconti Pens: Available in Three Collections

ECJ Luxe has chosen to offer three stylish collections of Visconti pens for sale in our showrooms and online gallery. We offer for your convenience the Regular, Limited, and HRH editions. Each collection contains multiple styles, colors and nib options, allowing you to customize your pen to fit your exact needs.

About Montegrappa

Montegrappa was founded in 1912 in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. For more than one hundred years, this premiere company has been perfecting the craft of luxury pens.

Montegrappa is the oldest manufacturer of premium writing implements in the world. Over time, the Montegrappa name has come to symbolize quality and creativity to customers and admirers around the globe.

The master craftsmen of Montegrappa follow processes developed and refined over the past century, constantly improving their technique. From die-casting to fretwork design, each step in the creation of a pen is meticulously accomplished by an expert in the industry. This process includes polishing the finished product by hand. Every step is steeped in tradition, creating one of the most beautiful and reliable writing instruments on the market today. For these reasons, the Montegrappa pen is certainly a must-have.

Montegrappa pens are manufactured in a factory not far from where the business began so many decades ago. A family owned business, Montegrappa pays homage to its history by refusing to compromise on quality as well as insisting on using only the best raw materials for its impressive portfolio.

Montegrappa Pens: Available in Three Collections

Three collections from Montegrappa are available through ECJ Luxe. By offering the Regular Edition Collection, the Special Edition Collection, and the Limited-Edition Collection, we have ensured that we carry a pen for any taste and any style. Browse the catalog and see these pens for yourself. The diversity and functionality of our selection will impress you.

Add a Fountain Pen to Your Personal Collection

Whether you are at home, in the office, or traveling, including Visconti and Montegrappa pens in your routine can make your life just a little more extraordinary. Whether you prefer fountain pens, rollers, or ball-pens, these brands truly represent the perfect combination of precision and style.

There are moments in your life when a luxury pen is preferred – use a commemorative pen as a thoughtful gift for a close friend or family member. Avid collectors will especially appreciate the work that has gone into every detail. ECJ Luxe has carefully chosen each pen in our collection, and we are proud to be an official reseller of the brands.

ECJ Luxe offers elite accessories from all over the world, including sought-after jewelry and gorgeous art for your home. We also offer a large selection of pre-owned, vintage, and collectible timepieces online and in store.

Browse our catalog of the finest fountain pens on the market. Customize your order today by specifying the color and nib of your choosing. You may also visit us at any of our convenient locations in Sunny Isles Beach, Miami, and Boca Raton, Florida to view these works of art in person. Contact us for more information.