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ECJ LUXE – Model Boats

Handcrafted model boats are sure to be the ideal gift for the nautical enthusiast in your life. At ECJ Luxe, we offer high-quality model boats from Kiade to our clients from around the world. These cherished ships are crafted with great attention to detail throughout every aspect of the manufacturing process.

Model ships have been a time-honored tradition for many years. Many ancient cultures, such as Greece, Egypt, and Phoenicia created model ships for a variety of reasons. Some were created for those designing the ships, while others were used as household decorations.

Today, many collectors and enthusiasts still purchase model ships as an embellishment to their home, office area, or yacht. Some collectors even buy the model version of a boat or yacht that they own. Model ships make an impressive centerpiece to any and every room throughout your home and beyond. Using eye-catching designs and world-class materials, your model boat is sure to draw admiration from your guests.

 Who is Kiade?

As a leading manufacturer of model ships, Kiade has created offerings of up-market models of popular sea vessels. Quality is their main requirement, and as such, the brand is world-renowned with collectors and boat aficionados. Kiade partners with famous shipyards such as:

The brand works closely with each prestigious shipyard to offer model ships that are exceptionally close to the original models. Every aspect of the models are designed with identical proportions and spacing.

Who is ECJ LUXE?

If you’re looking for premier, ultra luxury jewelry, art, and more in South Florida, ECJ Luxe is your one-stop-shop. Selling high-end watches, model ships, exquisite art, and giftware since 1986 – our goal is to provide our valued customers with trendy jewelry, clothing and accessories.

Working with an international clientele, our professional staff can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. With locations in Miami, Boca Raton, and Sunny Isles Beach in South Florida – we strive to serve you.

Finding the Perfect Model For You

With numerous models available, it can be difficult to find the perfect ship for your needs. Certain buyers may have a specific model in mind. Maybe you are looking for a ship that rekindles a memory, or you may own a boat and want the same model to display in your home. Other individuals are simply looking for a model boat to give as a gift to someone close to them.

When buying a model ship, it’s important to educate yourself on the different types available. At ECJ Luxe, we offer four different types of model boats, including:

The Chris Craft Collection: Created in honor of the world famous Chris Craft brand of American luxury boats, these models are crafted at 1:15 scale and feature intricate woodwork along with stunning details.

The Riva Collection: Using the original plans created by Riva, the model ships produced by Kiade come with impressive attention to detail and authenticity. Each model of the Riva Collection comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

The Runabouts Collection: Runabout boats, or hydroplanes, are boats created to move around on top of the water. These classic designs from Kiade capture our imagination and are certainly worthy of our admiration. These designs are based off of a variety of old-school manufacturers.

The Sailboats Legend Collection: Some of the most popular model ships on the market, the Sailboats Legend Collection offers incredible detail and eye-catching size. Multiple coats of paint and varnish are applied on each model to ensure quality for years to come.

Why Buy Kiade Model Boats?

While there are a variety of model ship manufacturers on the market, none compare to the quality and craftsmanship of Kiade. At ECJ Luxe, we chose to partner with them for one reason – they are simply the best model boat creator out there.

  • High-Quality: Model boats manufactured from Kiade are made with material of only the highest quality. The company prides itself on crafting collector’s items that are built to last over time.
  •  Handcrafted: Every model boat from Kiade comes handcrafted. With such attention to detail, your model ship will be well constructed and handmade. The quality of these boats is tough to compete with.
  • Guaranteed: When you buy a Kiade model ship, you’ll get a guarantee. Every boat comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity and a full one-year warranty. You will have peace of mind after buying one of these models.

ECJ LUXE – Your Go-To Model Boats Source

When you’re looking for a handcrafted model ship to prominently display throughout your home, office, or yacht, look no further. ECJ Luxe is your go-to destination for all things model boat and Kiade in South Florida. Visit one of our locations throughout the region and view the impressive craftsmanship of these models in person. The high seas await you.