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ECJ LUXE – Crystal

ECJ LUXE proudly invites you to our showroom, where you will discover compelling and elegant crystal pieces for your home from renowned brands such as Lalique Crystal, Daum Crystal and Berd Vaye.

If you are familiar with contemporary art, it is no surprise that so much effort goes into the making of every single crystal piece. For hundreds of years, designers have perfected the art of impeccable hand crafted glass art and crystal sculptures. This includes techniques for bowls, home accessories, perfume bottles, sculptures, tableware, and vases. The high demand for our stunning crystal collection has allowed us to stay in front of the latest trends. For this reason, ECJ Luxe offers Daum, Lalique, and Berd Vaye Crystals both online and in store.

Daum Crystal

The Daum crystal name was originally founded in 1878 by Jean Daum in Lorrain, France. Daum is currently the only crystal manufacturing company that uses glass paste in the manufacturing process. Each Daum artwork is signed and numbered by hand, making each piece even more special to the owner. Daum’s perfect mastery of art has led them to becoming a world-renown brand with an excellent reputation.

Daum’s collection of bowls and vases will become the new focal point of your living room, dining area, or home office. The vibrant colors emphasize Daum’s trademark floral designs. These are sure to become the next conversation piece at your next party or get-together.

Lalique Crystal

The name Lalique has always meant brilliance and excellence. The renowned French glassmaker René Lalique founded Lalique in 1988. Since then, Lalique is known for producing glass and crystal art such as vases, perfume bottles, and gorgeous ornaments. ECJ Luxe now offers you the opportunity to have any of the following pieces in your home.

Crystal Bowls No two Lalique crystal bowls are alike. Our own personal collection of Lalique Crystal bowls come in a variety of shapes and textures that reflect light and color in a way no other artwork will.

SculpturesWith so many quality Lalique artworks, it is almost impossible to choose a favorite. Lalique offers captivating designs that make each crystal sculpture come to life. One piece that cannot be forgotten is the Aphrodite Nude Sculpture. Graceful, classic, fascinating, and feminine, this sculpture captures the essence that is the goddess Aphrodite. With the immense curvature displayed in the artwork, it is clear to see the true allure of the Lalique name.

Perfume bottles The Clairefontaine, 2 Fleurs, and Dhalia bottles are crystal clear and hand crafted in France. Each is unique in its design, volume, weight and dimension. These striking Lalique perfume bottles are designed to resemble flowers and make excellent gifts for close friends and family members. Store your favorite fragrances in these sensational bottles.

Vases Lalique vases are fascinating. The Rayons vases, for example, are inspired by the beauty of a honeycomb. These centerpieces all demonstrate elegant curves with style and grace. The satin finish gives the vase a truly modern look and makes it even more striking to anyone who steals a glance at it.

 Ashtrays Home accessories of the Lalique variety include ashtrays featuring birds, koi fish, and sailing ships, perfect for the collector in your life.

Berd Vaye Crystal

For more than 20 years, the three founders of Berd Vaye – Eddie Kurayev, Albert Akbashev, and Amit Verma – have inspired art lovers and watch collectors all over the world with their crystal.

Fine watchmaking is a contemporary art form. This is why Berd Vaye presents handmade, modern art with vintage mechanical parts. Their limited edition sculptures have especially drawn our attention. Each one of their masterpieces is one of a kind and is representative of hours of design work.

Their crystal skulls are crafted from Lucite, a high-end precious resin, and carefully selected rare watch components. ECJ Luxe truly believes that Berd Vaye displays perfection, innovation, and passion for watchmaking captured in crystal.

ECJ LUXE in South Florida

As an authorized dealer of celebrated brands such as Ulysse Nardin, Dewitt, Audemars Piguet, Perrelet, Bovet, Blancpain, Glashutte Original, Hublot, and more, ECJ Luxe offers an entirely unique shopping experience. Our secret to success is quality – we hand-pick every brand we feature, whether it is in-store or online.

ECJ Luxe provides the best customer care and the finest products, including pre-owned, vintage and collectible timepieces. Our boutique also features rare works of art, fine jewelry and diamonds, private aviation services, Lalique and Daum Crystals, and other collectibles you will not find anywhere else. We are also proud to partner with Fort Lauderdale Collection so that visitors can view the rarest and most exotic cars in the world.

ECJ Luxe is proud to be located in the Boca Raton area and is an authorized agent of luxury goods worldwide. Shop online for our latest pieces, or contact one of our friendly representatives to get started on your personal collection today.